Form as color

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Vase Papua I

Vase Papua I
In the digital realm, form and color are typically separate things. Color is applied to the final form of the piece via software. The artistic aspect is to match the color to the form to highlight the surface contours. This piece, Vase Papua I, is an especially fortuitous match, and is at the edge of the technical limits of the printing process.

Toward a more organic plate . . .

September 1, 2014 / Plates and Bowls / 0 Comments
Bowl Lambo II

Bowl Lambo

Bowl Lambo II black
We have been working toward the creation of a more organic style of dinnerware that, while functional, retains a sculptural quality not typically found. While the forms are moving in a direction we like, the difficulty is the cost of 3D printing compared to that of mold-made products. The forms are much more interesting to us, but the cost is still not effective. Still, we believe that costs will drop, and we plan to be ready to introduce a broad line of designs once prices can be competitive.

Geometry in a curved kind of way

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Vase Apilado

This tiered vase, based upon the forms of the tower temples of Kyoto, Japan is more geometric than our norm, but does give another direction to work within. The design has been tested, and is off to the printers to test the tech, as this form will challenge the ability of the printed ceramic to maintain geometries.

The first design in a new series . . .

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Vase Martini II

Vase Martini II
This is the first in a series of designs based on a conical form. We like the feel of a piece that has a narrow base and flows into a wider top. We will be incorporating this form into designs for vases, cups, bowls and other vessels. We should note that all of the designs we will share on this blog will either have been printed, or tested to make sure they are printable.


Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.12.42 AM

Vase Pangaea
This is the introduction to the Digi Wabi Studio process. We will be using our blog to share the designs we are working on. We will be posting images and videos to show you designs before they are printed. Not all of the designs will make it into production, but they all contribute to the evolution of our style. Please feel free to share with us your reactions, as we want to create the best designs possible. We look forward to the future.

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